The Shower Hobs is one of the best inventions in plumbing and there are two main kinds: the self contained ones and the stand-alone ones. When you buy a self contained one, the problem you will face is that it is too big for your bathtub and you cannot fit the hose or the pipe right next to it because it is too big. The best option is to buy a bigger one and have it fitted so that you can place the hose or pipe in the tub. This is called the shower hobo kit and you need to make sure that it is a good fit before you buy it because otherwise you may end up buying a shower hobo that is just too big to be a fitting for your bathtub.

How To Install A Shower Base

The first thing you should check is the water pressure. Make sure you have checked the meter and that the water pressure is correct. To carry out the test, first tape the shower overflow drain with masking tape to form an air tight seal around the drain. Place the hose in the hobo outlet so that the water level is at the lowest. Ensure that the drain itself is not taped shut otherwise the hose check will not work properly. Place the hose so that the water is above the hobo outlet so that you can measure the water level. You can either put one hand in front of the hose and hold it in front of the outlet or you can put the hose in your hand and hold it near the outlet.

You can now start the hose fitting by putting the hobo to the bathroom wall so that you can take note of the distance between the wall and the hobo. Then you can measure the length and width of the pipe by pulling on the hobo to get a better idea of the distance between the outlet and the wall. Once you get the proper distance you can attach the hobo to the outlet using the screws that are supplied with it. Finally, plug the outlet to the bathroom wall.