When it comes to electricals and electric points at home, your safety is paramount. In instances where lights start flickering often, you start receiving high bills, and some of your appliances get damaged, it goes to show that you have power and lighting issues.

Below, we mention several problems with your power and lighting.

Circuit breaker frequent tripping: Hairdryers and microwaves are high wattage items that are likely to trip circuit breakers. More so, when other power-consuming items are plugged in.

The circuit breaker is installed to protect your home, and when it trips, it needs to be replaced immediately. An electrician will assess to find out what you were using that tripped the breaker. If it was a microwave, then he will either add another switch or ask you to replace the appliance.

He will also advise you to lower the electrical use on a single circuit, especially when you’re using high watt devices.

Light Switches Not Working: if your switches start acting up and fail to activate anything, it time to undertake an electrical overhaul. A technician will assess to see whether the issues are with the circuit, an outlet fault or wiring.

In case dimmer switches fail to adjust correctly, it means that either sub-standard products were used or the installer was incompetent. Consulting with an electrician is the only way to get to the root of the matter.

Circuit overload: one of the main reasons why the circuit breaker trips is overloading the power boards. Most older and some newer homes lack enough power points to cater to the various appliances and gadgets we use daily in our homes. You can prevent this from happening by; unplugging devices that are not in use, such as the microwave and phone charges, which draw power even when not being utilized.

Take caution when connecting devices around your home, only power on or plugin what you need to use at that moment. If possible, spread around your electrical needs and refrain from overusing a single circuit.

Lights Behaving Funny

If individual lights around your home may be dim while others shine excessively bright, it means there’s a problem. You can identify the issue by ensuring that all the lights you’re using are of the same wattage.

Check all the globes to see whether they’re identical. In some other instances, the problem might be a bad primary neutral connection. If this is the cause, you will continue experiencing the issues until a professional comes to fix it!

High Power Bills

To lower your electrical bill, you can undertake one of the following aspects;

Pinpoint the electrical devices that are causing the power surges, ensure that you unplug appliances and chargers when they’re not in use.

You should also consider switching to a cost-effective provider; you can also get leaks in your hot water system patched, and consider redoing the wiring system or replacing the circuit breaker.

When Issues Persist

If electrical problems persist in your home, it’s time you called in an electrician. Your safety and that of your home is paramount and hence why you shouldn’t leave anything to chance.


Seek your local electrician who will come to your rescue and solve your problems, thus giving you peace of mind.