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    Safety Switch Checks – Beaches Electrical

    A safety switch, or a residual current device (RDCs), instantly powers off when there’s a tragic electrical fault. In case of short circuit or faulty wiring, the RDC responds to prevent damages.

    This great scope is attributed to safety switches being listed among the must-haves while constructing a building. Beaches Electrical assists you to keep your home or office guarded by regularly testing and servicing your RDCs.

    Beauty And Diversity

    Your world doesn’t have to feel the same as others. Beaches Electrical brings you a variety of RCDs to choose from for a superior taste. Happily, our quality services and gadget are always worth the price and inexpensive.

    We install, maintain, and conduct security checks on switchboard safety switches, PowerPoint safety switches, and portable safety switches.
    Lay your electricity anxiety with us and take a lifetime break! You shall never need to bother about it. Call us today.

    Your Safety Is Our Concern

    At Beaches Electrical, we value your assets. Our business is to protect you from any electrical wrath by ensuring your premise is fully shielded. We recommend that all your electrical installations and handlings be left to the experts.

    Of course, your ultimate aim is to enjoy electricity with minimal or no risks. If so, let’s handle it for you. We conduct thorough checks to safety switches under a scheduled plan. Mostly, we recommend bi-yearly tests. Call us to fix your dates.

    However, we are always on call even after the hour. Our emergency team is on its toes to save lives. We understand the dangers that come with power, and we give it no chance.

    The Risk Is Real

    No one knows when the danger will hit. In a blink, a celebration could turn into mourning! Electrical faults happen super-fast, leading to mass damages of appliances. Electrical devices such as power boards, extension cords, and fixed wiring are at times blown up.

    In severe cases, industries, offices, and homes are left in ashes. In such a hazardous situation, safety switches are your instant rescue gadgets. The best shield to your home or business is to ensure that you have efficiently working RCDs.

    Why Test Your RCD

    Apart from fulfilling your legal obligation, having functional safety switches is beneficial on a personal level. Installing the RCDs is commendable, but maintenance and repair are equally vital.

    Australia reports an annual average of 15 preventable deaths resulting from electrical faults, not to mention uncountable injuries. Having up-to-standard safety switches protect you from any serious or grave threats. If you doubt the efficiency of your safety switch, reach out to Beaches Electrical.

    Safety Switch Or Circuit Breaker

    Circuit breakers and safety switches are both crucial electrical components in promoting electrical safety and preventing property damages. Understanding the difference could be an uphill task. An electrical system cannot be complete without a circuit breaker, but it’s never safer until installing safety switches.

    While circuit breakers protect your premises by cutting off the power supply in case of high current flow and overloads, they don’t protect you from shocks. You could be electrocuted without the breakers detecting any danger!

    Do you mind safety? Don’t rely on circuit breakers only. Make safety switches testing a habit. Between the six months’ professional scrutiny gap, it’s necessary for you to perform a self-test at least twice. In case you sense any danger or are suspicious, call Beaches Electrical immediately.


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