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    Outdoor Lighting Install And Repair

    The sun doesn’t have to go down with your outdoor fun! You still can enjoy the space, thanks to our outdoor lighting services. We supply, install, service and repair all your outdoor lighting whenever you need us, day or night. Want some outdoor lighting installed or repaired? Call Beaches Electrical today.

    Our outdoor lighting team comprises experts in electrical and design services to ensure you get the best. The team undergoes continuous training and keeps an ear for the most modern technologies and designs. You should never be left behind. We recommend you the best places to install lights, considering safety, entertainment, scene, and security.

    Outside Light Fittings

    It’s advisable to install outdoor lights in all walkways. From outdoor wall lights to the outdoor light sensor, we got specialists in all outside light tasks. We’re professionals when it comes to installation, repairs, and maintenance. Call us now for a new look in your compound.

    Fast Floodlight Installation And Repair

    Floodlights and spotlights are a great asset in keeping night visitors and intruders off while allowing you to move around the compound at ease. When poorly installed, they become more of a burden than a help.

    We at Beaches Electrical install, maintain and repair floodlights for you at affordable prices. We offer you free guidance on key areas that need floodlights and spotlights, ensuring you illuminate everything.

    Involving Beaches Electrical saves you the potential electrical faults and installation challenges.

    Outside Security Lights?

    Do you frequently encounter unwanted guests? Or maybe you experience restless nights with unidentified shady figures? It would be an excellent idea to install outdoor security lights. We supply and install the security lights of your desire.

    You don’t have to worry about crawling quietly in the dark to reach out for the switch. Beaches Electrical install motion sensors that will automatically switch on your security lighting. You’ve never felt so safe before! If you need electric sensor light or opt for solar sensor light, we got you covered.

    Outdoor Garden Light

    Do you need a stylish welcome to your home at night? Leave it for Beaches Electrical. We improve the value of your home and give you the ultimate reason to enjoy walking into your garden.

    We have everything ready for you, from sensor lights, LED lights, copper garden spike lights to underwater lights for pools and water fountains. We extract the beauty of your garden, giving it a brand new look!

    Outdoor String Lights

    Festoons or string lights could lighten up your outdoor at night or on holidays. No matter how simple to install they seem to be, be assured you need a qualified electrician. Extending a wire connection isn’t a simple deal, more so if it turns tragic.
    Our experts will set up festoons at your desired spaces in a creative design to give your compound a uniquely warm look. More so, we only deliver quality and long-lasting light.

    Landscape Lighting Service

    At Beaches Electrical, we pride ourselves on highly skilled, licensed, and trained electricians who handle any scope professionally. If you need an outdoor touch, we deliver efficiently. Whether it’s lighting up your deck, trees, pavements, or flower beds, we always have it done perfectly.
    Our services are available for homes and commercial areas. Our electricians are experienced in small and huge tasks: installations, maintenance, repairs, and replacements. We’re only a call away. Reach out to us for same-day services.


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    Great electrical maintenance team. Highly recommended.
    Maksim Goffin
    Tyson Duras
    Great job on the rewiring. ThanksBrad
    Maksim Goffin
    Flynn Hartley
    Brad and his team rewired our entire Northern Beaches home. Very professional and within budget. Great job guys
    Maksim Goffin
    Charlie Moffat
    Great team of electrician’s. If your looking for a sparky in Manly? Then Brad and his team is highly recommended.
    Maksim Goffin
    Alex Luffman
    Amazing LED downlighting set up. Great team of electricians and very easy to deal with.
    Maksim Goffin
    Jake Langdon
    Brad and his team were amazing in a time of emergency. Quick response time and very affordable.
    Maksim Goffin
    Elijah Fabinyi
    Great team of sparkies to fix our switch board issue. friendly and affordable.
    Maksim Goffin
    Zac Bass
    Excellent job on our new down lights. Thanks Beaches.
    Maksim Goffin
    Jack Lambie
    Brad and his team were a huge help. Coming in late to fix our switchboard
    Maksim Goffin
    Elijah George
    Great emergency electrical work. Very professional and easy to deal with.
    Maksim Goffin
    Nicholas Krimper
    Great new down lights, thanks Brad
    Maksim Goffin
    Elijah Luttrell
    Great team of sparkies excellent service and very polite
    Maksim Goffin
    Brock Petre
    Great service and communication
    Maksim Goffin
    Derek Hanson
    Great work Brad, thanks.
    Maksim Goffin
    kais kari
    Fixed our home entertainment wiring no problem.
    Maksim Goffin
    Harry Samson
    Great answering service. Fast, friendly and affordable.
    Maksim Goffin
    Jade Crick
    Thanks for fixing our switchboard Beaches
    Maksim Goffin
    Anas Khan
    Great answering service and great to deal with.
    Maksim Goffin
    Dallas Bradley
    Fast reliable and friendly.
    Maksim Goffin
    Troy Talley
    Excellent outdoor lighting set up.
    Maksim Goffin
    Lindsay Meadows
    Thanks Brad great job with the kitchen lighting.
    Maksim Goffin
    Joy Liam

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