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    Indoor Lighting Install and Repair

    Indoor lighting is a critical system in any home. It adds to the tone and beauty of a property and lit stairways and other places that might pose a safety hazard in the dark.

    Is improper lighting slowing you down or no longer meet your needs? Does the old layout clash with your décor? Or do you want to cut down on electricity bills? Whether you are looking to design a new lighting system or replace an existing one, Beaches Electrical is a call away.

    We are a team of licensed and highly trained electricians committed to delivering the best indoor lighting services. Call us now to proffer a lighting experience that can revamp the inside of your home, giving it a magnificent new look. We care about the looks as well as the functionality and ease of use.

    Indoor Lighting Installation

    Many are the things we do for ourselves in the world today, but lighting installation should not be one of them. Putting new lights requires careful considerations to match their function while creating a comfortable space. You’ll also need to increase energy efficiency in your home. Beaches Electrical is your trusted partner for all your lighting solutions.

    Big or small, our experts are skilled, trained, and licensed to handle all your electrical issues. We know you value time, and we do respect that and arrive on time. Since there are many ways to lit your home, our professionals will help you choose the ideal scheme for your house.

    Indoor Lighting Replacement

    We proudly partner with you in all your lighting needs. That’s why in addition to our expert installation services, we offer indoor lighting replacement and retrofitting solutions.

    Replacing the old fixtures with new lights does a lot to your interior. We bring our expertise on the job for an amazing fresh new look giving you a feeling of complete restyling. Luckily, it is a remodel at no cost of remodeling.
    A replacement also helps save on money by eliminating energy-inefficient lights as well as unnecessarily over-lit areas. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our able team at Beaches Electrical for all your replacement needs.

    Indoor Lighting Repair

    If your lighting is misbehaving, your safety is at risk. Whether it is blinking bulbs, dim lights, or no lights at all, we are glad to help with all repairs. We do not recommend lighting repairs as one of your Do It Yourself (DIY) projects.

    Lighting involves an intricate process that requires a professional to handle to ensure safety. Poor handling can pose serious risks to you and your property, including electrical fire or significant injuries due to shock. Reach out to us at Beaches Electrical for indoor lighting repairs done fast and right the first time.

    We can install various types of interior lights, including:

    • Recessed lighting

    • Dimmer switches

    • Ceiling fans with lights

    • Pendant and spotlighting

    • Ambient or atmospheric lighting

    • Accent and cove lighting

    • Wall sconces

    • Smart or Wi-Fi-controlled lighting

    • Art lighting

    • Chandeliers

    • Kitchen cabinet lighting

    • Bathroom lighting


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    Brad and his team were so helpful in getting our power back. Excellent after hours service.
    Maksim Goffin
    Thomas Coane
    Fast response time and great electricians to deal with.
    Maksim Goffin
    Hamish Wonggu
    Thanks for fixing our dodgy switch and power board
    Maksim Goffin
    Henry Snider
    Great electrical maintenance team. Highly recommended.
    Maksim Goffin
    Tyson Duras
    Great job on the rewiring. ThanksBrad
    Maksim Goffin
    Flynn Hartley
    Brad and his team rewired our entire Northern Beaches home. Very professional and within budget. Great job guys
    Maksim Goffin
    Charlie Moffat
    Great team of electrician’s. If your looking for a sparky in Manly? Then Brad and his team is highly recommended.
    Maksim Goffin
    Alex Luffman
    Amazing LED downlighting set up. Great team of electricians and very easy to deal with.
    Maksim Goffin
    Jake Langdon
    Brad and his team were amazing in a time of emergency. Quick response time and very affordable.
    Maksim Goffin
    Elijah Fabinyi
    Great team of sparkies to fix our switch board issue. friendly and affordable.
    Maksim Goffin
    Zac Bass
    Excellent job on our new down lights. Thanks Beaches.
    Maksim Goffin
    Jack Lambie
    Brad and his team were a huge help. Coming in late to fix our switchboard
    Maksim Goffin
    Elijah George
    Great emergency electrical work. Very professional and easy to deal with.
    Maksim Goffin
    Nicholas Krimper
    Great new down lights, thanks Brad
    Maksim Goffin
    Elijah Luttrell
    Great team of sparkies excellent service and very polite
    Maksim Goffin
    Brock Petre
    Great service and communication
    Maksim Goffin
    Derek Hanson
    Great work Brad, thanks.
    Maksim Goffin
    kais kari
    Fixed our home entertainment wiring no problem.
    Maksim Goffin
    Harry Samson
    Great answering service. Fast, friendly and affordable.
    Maksim Goffin
    Jade Crick
    Thanks for fixing our switchboard Beaches
    Maksim Goffin
    Anas Khan
    Great answering service and great to deal with.
    Maksim Goffin
    Dallas Bradley
    Fast reliable and friendly.
    Maksim Goffin
    Troy Talley
    Excellent outdoor lighting set up.
    Maksim Goffin
    Lindsay Meadows
    Thanks Brad great job with the kitchen lighting.
    Maksim Goffin
    Joy Liam

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