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Residential Electrician

Beaches Residential Electrician Services

Beaches Electrical is a trusted company that provides quality residential electrician services with over 20 years of experience servicing clients and customers on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Our experienced and qualified team at Beaches Electrical offer professional Residential Electrician services and provide a full range of maintenance, servicing or installation on any of your electrical equipment or appliances on your family home or premises.

Domestic Electrical Services We Offer

At Beaches Electrical we offer a full range of domestic and commercial electrical services. Here are some of the quality residential services we offer;

  • Connecting residential, houses, units or properties to the electricity grid or network.

  • Connecting and set up of new home builds, granny flats, studios or renovations.

  • Design or redesign of residential electrical systems

  • Maintenance of household residential electrical systems and appliances.

  • Residential Troubleshooting, Fault finding and repair services.

  • Installation and servicing of residential lighting

  • Household appliance Testing and tagging services

  • 24/7 Call out hour emergency services.

  • Outdoor Lighting and garden Lights.

  • LED Lighting and Power Saving Ideas.

  • Solar set up and installation.

  • Domestic L2 power upgrades on power lines and switchboards

Quality Residential Electrician Work Guaranteed

Our fully qualified and experienced staff at Beaches Electrical are qualified to carry out all of your residential electrician needs. A standard residential electrical service usually involves the reading and interpretation of electrical diagrams. These diagrams indicate the location of various electric components that make up the households’ electrical systems. These components include equipment such as residential electrical switchboards, circuits, and load centres. Once the location of all of the components has been identified, our residential electrician can go ahead and carry out all of the required electrical work in a safe and professional matter. All Beaches Electrical work is 100 percent guaranteed.

Household Wiring and Connections

Residential wiring and rewiring services connects your household electrical system to the source of power or the grid. Your standard day to day electrical equipment which you use for cooking, lighting, heating, or air conditioning can now be connected to the power supply. Contact a Beaches representative for a free consultation or quote.

Residential Emergency Switchboard Contact

If you have an emergency residential switchboard issue or need an upgrade? Having a faulty switchboard in your home could lead to fatal consequences such as fire or electrocution. A switchboard safety inspection or upgrade can prevent any unnecessary fatalities around the home.

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